Exhibition Hall


  • Step 01

    Send inquiry along with the following information to hhong@coex.co.kr

    • Outline of the event
    • Space Requirements(㎡)
    • Overview of the event(including the number of set up, move-in, move-out dates needed)
    • Contact information
  • Step 02

    Negotiate the lease settlement date

  • Step 03

    Send in the following required documents by email or post

    • Completed Lease Application Form
    • Overview of the event
    • Business registration certificate
  • Step 04

    Sign contract and make down payment

    • Contract Procedure

      1. Receive two copies of the contract and a detailed statement from Changwon Convention Center
      2. Submit two copies of signed and sealed contract and pay deposit to Changwon Convention Center
      3. After confirming the receipt of the deposit and the two signed contract copies, Changwon Convention
      Center will deliver a final copy of the dated contract.
      (The contract date will be filled by the Changwon Convention Center after confirming the deposit has been paid.)

      ※ Down payment is 20% of the total lease fee.
      ※ Intermediate payment is 30% of the total lease fee.

    However, if the contract is made within 90 days from which the lease commences, the intermediate payment
    shall be made together with the down payment.

  • Step 05

    Make intermediate payment

    Intermediate payment is 30% of the total lease fee and is to be paid no less than 90 days prior to the lease date

  • Step 06

    Submit technical support application form to the Service Manager

    • Exhibition Hall Service Manager : +82-55-212-1006, ylroh@coex.co.kr
    • In-person meeting required 14 days prior to the lease date with the following documents:
      • Technical support application form
      • Event layout (specify the number of booths and booth type on three copies of A3-sized paper)
      • List of participating companies
      • Outline of the event, list of VIPs, etc.
  • Step 07

    Pay the remaining balance, VAT and management deposit
    (to be paid seven days prior to lease date)

    • Remaining balance is 50% of the total lease fee
    • VAT is 10% of the total payment
      ※ If a tax invoice on the balance or intermediate payment is requested, any surtax will be levied at the time of the tax invoice issuance
    • The management deposit is 15% of the rent prior to application of a differential rate.
  • Step 08

    After the conclusion of the event, remaining account balance is settled