Exhibition Hall

Lease Fees

Lease Rates

[Monetary Unit : KRW , VAT excluded]

Lease Rates
Type Actual Size Contact Size Lease Fees Note
(3rd floor)
Exhibition Hall 1 3,913.5㎡ 3,913.5㎡ 1,500/㎡ 08:00~20:00
Exhibition Hall 2 3,805.5㎡ 3,718.5㎡
Exhibition Hall 3 1,656.0㎡ 1.595.0㎡
Lobby - Actual measurement 2,500/㎡
(1st floor)
Outdoor Exhibition Area 1,688.0㎡ 1,688.0㎡ 450/㎡
Outdoor Plaza - Actual measurement 1,000/㎡


Type Discount/
By month Jan. Feb. Jul. Aug. Dec. 30% off
  • In case there are overlaps or duplicates of discounts/surcharges, the maximum differential rate is 0.7
  • Discount rate by month does not apply if only the indoor lobby or the outdoor plaza is rented
  • Rates by total rented space is applied equally to both indoor/outdoor exhibition halls
Mar. 20% off
By total
rented space
Lease 3 Exhibition Halls 15% off
Lease 2 Exhibition Halls 10% off
Total rented space is less than 1 Exhibition Hall
but more than 2/3size of an Exhibition Hall
10% extra
Total rented space is less than 2/3size to
more than 1/2size of an Exhibition Hall
15% extra
Total rented space is less than 1/2size
of an Exhibition Hall
20% extra

Overtime Charge Rates

Overtime Charge Rates
Complimentary total overtime offered per lease period Remarks
Lease Period hours
Less than 2 days 4 hours Overtime use outside of the complimentary overtime period will incur an additional charge of 10% the standard time rate for every extra hour used. This overtime charge shall not exceed a full day rate.
3~7 days 8 hours
More than 8 days 12 hours

Additional Notes

  • In the case where a rented space is less than one room, the management fee incurred will be for one entire room.
  • Usage of the outdoor plaza is allowed for additional events associated with an ongoing event held in the exhibition hall or meeting room as well as for events open to the general public.
  • The standard fee for usage of the lobby is 2,500 won/㎡ (except for registration desks and status boards)