About Changwon

About Changwon

Changwon, the First Planned City
Changwon, the First Planned City Changwon is the First Planned City in Korea.
Well-planned transportation system and green atmosphere of the city bring a lot of visitors every year.


Changwon, which is located on the southern central region of Gyeongnam in Korea, has been the main hub of the industrial economy in the central area of Gyeongnam. A vast, mechanical industrial complex in the southeast seashore of the heavy chemical industrial region connects Ulsan, Busan, and Sacheon.

Changwon Embracing
Its Enterprises

Changwon is blessed with natural resources, and has established top industrial infrastructure for the enterprises of its citizens.

  • Its beautiful natural landscape allowed Changwon to launch the south coastal era after developing a large tourism and leisure complex as a hub of Northeast Asia in the Gusan area, a world-class robotic industry-related theme park that features marine tourism resources and high-tech robots, and marinas on the southern coast by utilizing the dynamic coastlines and the islands in the Jinhae area, which is near the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone.
  • Changwon’s conducive business environment consists of fostering region-specific, strategic industries, such as the Masan Free Trade Zone and the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone. To help companies achieve their goal of reaching first-class status in their industries, Changwon is providing business spaces in the Jinbuk General Industrial Complex, the Gyeongnam Techno Park, the Changwon General Industrial Complex, and the Bangye Apartment Factory Complex. Moreover, Changwon has begun building the Gyeongnam Scientific Research Complex Park, the Cheonseon General Industrial Complex, and the Sungju 4th Apartment Factory Complex.

Changwon the Environmental Capital

Changwon, now reborn as an environment-friendly city

  • Through the successful hosting of the 2008 RAMSAR Convention, which is often called the Environment Olympics, the city of Changwon has laid a foundation to solidify its position as an environmental capital.
  • Changwon is firm in its beliefs to lead and realize green growth, respond appropriately to the challenges of climate change, and continue working on the river restoration project, which is being implemented as a national project.