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Changwon City Tour Bus

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Changwon City Tour Bus

You can get the City Tour Bus at the CITY 7 MALL right beside the Convention center
(300m away from CECO, 3min by walk)

Bus Course

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on the Changwon City Tour Bus. Enjoy various tour courses with a tour guide by booking a ticket right now.

  • Changwon City Tour, launched on July 20, 2011, strives to provide insight into the past and present of Changwon, the outlook on its future, as well as its history, culture, industrial sector and ecosystems, and help visitors create unforgettable memories during their stay in Changwon. There are various tour programs available, and the tickets must be booked in advance.
  • The tour themes include culture and experience, environment and history, maritime and industry, history and science, ecology and the arts, history and the arts, and naval port and exploration. To offer a wider range of tour options, Changwon City Tour runs half-day tours in the morning and the afternoon.

Enjoy the tourist attractions of Changwon all at once.

You can visit the diverse and famous tourist attractions such as the iconic eco-tourist site, Changwon Junam Reservoir, the Changwon Moonshin Museum of Art, exhibiting artworks by world-famous sculptors, and the Changwon Gunhangje Festival, one of the most popular festivals in the country.

You will be accompanied by a city tour guide.

A city tour guide will board the Changwon City Tour bus to tell you diverse stories related to the tourist attractions for a more informative travel experience.